Holiday Greetings

Winter Memories Mittens 10-21 LO RESI love creating artwork for the holidays. I grew up making my own holiday greeting cards from watercolor to acrylic paintings, colored pencils, block printing, collage and calligraphy. I combine all these talents when I am looking to design something new for the holidays, relying often on inspiration from my childhood – from sledding and making snowmen to the iconic symbols of the season.

Winter Memories Skates FINAL LO RESI grew up in upstate New York, so snow was always a symbol of winter fun and I incorporated huge falling snowflakes in these Winter Memories Series. I am also a fan of A Charlie Brown Christmas, so the big falling snowflakes are inspired by that as well.

Winter Memories Sled FINAL LO RESWinter Memories Hot Cocoa FINAL LO RESWhile I love the bright red and greens of the season, I also like to create a more muted background that is peaceful and fits into a variety of interior decor.

The design on the cocoa mug is inspired from Nordic designs, needlepoint and knitting patterns for snowflakes.

Typography for this series is a combination of a handmade, rubber stamped style front “applied” as collaged pieces, almost like snowfall themselves. Enjoy your holiday season.